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We have expert trainers and professionals who will help you master data integration using Talend open studio. The Talend training course we offer will cover concepts of data transformation, data extraction, and connectivity with Hadoop and its ecosystem, comprising MapReduce, Hive, Pig, and HDFS in a detailed manner. We will let you work on real-life projects that prepare you for the Talend Data Integration Certified Developer exam.

Learn From Expert Trainers

Talend Training in Hyderabad

Expert Tutors

We have a highly experienced set of tutors who provide the best talend training in Hyderabad. Our expert tutors are always available to help and guide the students in the right direction. They will use all their expertise to train and instruct the students in an effective manner. Queries and doubts of every kind are cleared and resolved immediately by our tutors. We at Talend Training thrive to help students learn and grow.

Lifetime Access

Students who enroll in our program are given access to thesis and materials that can be viewed by them whenever they want to. Lifetime access of our courses are given to the students, making it more convenient for the learners.

Updated Material

The material we provide is updated and reformed helping students stay on the top of their game. Our materials are designed to enhance the student’s knowledge and skill.


Starting the studio

Creating the project

Everything about Talend GUI

Creating an example job

Creating a Built-in Schema

Creating Repository Schema

Preparing Schema Changes-Talend Training

Dropping Schema to empty components

Cutting and pasting schema information

Reading Delimited files

Reading Positional Files

Reading Excel files- Talend etl tools online course Reading XML Files

Reading Regex files





Overview of tMap

Connecting multiple inputs to tMap

Creating joins in tMap

Catching Rejects in tMap

Using Expression Builder in tMap

Using Variable In tMap- Talend Training

Performance Tuning of Look Ups In tMap











tUnioRow- Ta lend Training tReplacelist

tSchernaCompl ianceCheck

creating context variables

creating context group

Usage of prompts in Talend jobs

Running jobs in different contexts

using tContectLoad

using tContectDump

Using tRunlob

Passing parameters to Sub job

Passing context variables from Parent to Child Job

Passing context variables from Child to Parent Job

Dimension Tables

Fact Tables- Talend Training

Types of Schema

Slow Changing Dimension


Using SCD Type 1 Components

Using SCO Type 2 Components

Using SCD Type 3 Components

Running Talend Job using Windows Task Scheduler

Performance Tuning in tMap-Talend Training

Performance Tuning using Sub obs

Using EFL Components

Modes of Training for Talend training in Hyderabad

In-class talend training in Hyderabad

You can attend our in-class Talend training from the nearest branch in Hyderabad.

Talend online training in Hyderabad

You can attend our talend online classes from any part of the world, at any given time.

Recorded videos

Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home. All the classes will be recorded with lifetime access to it. You can watch and learn the concepts at your own schedule.

Why choose our Talend training in Hyderabad?

We provide the best Talend training in Hyderabad. You will learn and be well-equipped with Talend Open Studio, a 360 degree solution for ETL. Here’s why you should choose us.

Expert trainers

Our trainers are highly experienced, providing nothing but the best services. They are certified trainers with well-qualified teaching abilities. Our trainers are the best in the business.


Not only will we provide certificates towards the end of your course but will also help you train for the certification exams. With us, you can write and clear the competitive exams in the field with ease.

Placement Assistance

We don’t just train you but also prepare you for the interviews. Our trainers will guide you through the placement process. We will also assist you with the resume preparations and conduct mock interviews.

Live practical Training

We at Talend Trainings believe in delivering a full learning experience for our students. Our trainers will assign and assist students on live projects and cases to develop the technical skills of the students. Live practical demonstrations will be provided by us.

Testimonials of Talend Training in Hyderabad

They provide the best Talend Training in Hyderabad. The trainers are so attentive and maintain a cordial environment. Their teaching methods are easy yet effective. I am glad I chose to invest in Talend Trainings Hyderabad.

Raveena Student

Their course is so feasible and detailed. The trainers are available 24/7 to fulfill our queries and doubts. Talend Trainings maintains a very friendly teaching environment and provides proper assistance.

Shaan Student

It is one of the best Talend training institutes in Hyderabad. The faculty was super friendly and helpful. Even the online classes were clear and conceptual. I had a good experience with them.

Lata Student

I would highly recommend Talend Trainings to anybody interested in learning the concept. They have such and amazing staff. The course material that they’ve provided is very clear and easy to understand. I appreciate the level of interest the trainers take while teaching the concepts.

Rohan Student

I have worked as an intern with Talend Trainings and I must say that I had a very good experience with them. It was such a learning curve for me and my skills have definitely improved a lot since I joined here. They even provide the best placement assistance to all students without being biased.

Aditya Student

they are definitely the best in the market. They give you good training at such a feasible price. The entire course was well-taught and I enjoyed the live practical sessions with the experts. It was so much fun and it was really helpful. The trainers too are very kind people and cleared all our queries whenever put forth.

Jahnavi Student

    Tools and certifications

    We offer a certificate that will be handed over to the student after the course, a Talend course completion certificate will be given to every attendee of the training program. We also have certified trainers who at request can offer training for all the Talend certifications like the Talend Developer certifications and Talend Administrator level certifications. Our Talend course completion certificate in Hyderabad can be mentioned in your professional resume and will add credibility and more reliability to your work skill sets. The certificate will qualify your skills and abilities and can be used during job interviews and trials.

    Talend Developer certifications

    The Talend certifications that we offer are mainly of two types –
    Developer level certifications and administrator level certifications.

    Talend Administrator level certifications.

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    Talend trainings is one of the best talend training institutes in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. We have the best faculty and experts who are highly qualified and experienced in the field. We are the best in the business and have multiple success stories. We have trained 600+ students across Hyderabad providing them with good placement assistance and training. Our certified courses are highly credible and noteworthy. Join Talend Trainings now to pave your path in the software industry

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    Anybody who is interested in open source data integration and Big Data integration can opt in for the course and not to worry, we got you covered since our courses are tailored for beginners, intermediate and advanced level professionals.

    Before registering, you can enroll in our free Talend training demo session. If you like the demo given by our instructors, you can go ahead and reach out to us via the contact details given. Our team will get back to you within 24 working hours.

    Any prior knowledge that you have in the field would be beneficial for you. If not, that's fine too as our experts will provide basic training first.

    We have an excellent set of trainers who are all equally qualified and certified, providing the same quality training.

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